Friday, May 6, 2011

Arriving at Lake Camp, Yellowstone

Yellowstone Transportation 1915

June 15, Tuesday, 1915

Started for Canyon 7:30 a.m.  Stopped at Apollinaris Spring and saw a Cinnamon BearObsidian CliffRoaring MountainTwin LakesBigah's Spring, and Frying Pan.  Saw two black tail deerVirginia CascadesWedded Trees.

Snowstorm about 5 miles from canyon.  Highest altitude 8,221 feet.   Arrived at Canyon Camp 12:15p.m. for lunch.  Had ridden 25 miles.  Saw Canyon Hotel.  On drive saw Upper Falls 112.  Followed Yellowstone River most of the way to Lake Camp (20 miles).  Went thru Hayden Valley.  Saw elk along way.  Saw Antelope Creek and hill, Green Gable, Mud Geyser.  Saw a grouse and many pelicans, hot pools and hot streams along the road.  Drove along high mountains and deep valleys.

Lake Camp 1915
Snow capped mountain in distance.  Snowstorm in mountains.  Saw herd of 22 elk about 50 feet away.  Arrived at Lake Camp about 6:00 o'clock.  Helped do dishes after dinner.

Marguerite Hutchins far left.  Lake Camp, Yellowstone 1915
Went over to Lake and Lake hotel.  Saw four bears.  Had 24 dudes tonight.

Elk behind Lake Camp, Yellowstone National Park, 1915
Behind Lake Camp, Yellowstone 1915.  You can see the lake and mountains in the background

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