Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sunsets, Visitors, the Hatchery, Elephant Back Mountain, & the Yellowstone Inn

Marguerite is second from right.  Looks like a fun working crew!  The bungalows are in the background.  I love all the pots on the left hand side.

June 28, 1915, Monday

Last night Vera Elma, Helen, Mary and I and some of the other girls and boys were sick all night.  Guess it was something we ate; haven't recovered yet.  Did tent work all morning.  Helped settle some bungalows this p.m.  Elna and I washed our heads.  Feel quite stiff from my walk yesterday.  Watched the moon rise over the mountains last evening - it was certainly beautiful.  Also saw a beautiful sunset.  114 dudes tonight.

Marguerite is under the buckets, sitting holding the watermelon!.  They don't look like they are in working clothes, but ready for a bit of fun.  Maybe a picnic?  I wish I knew which ones were the girlfriends she mentions.  I believe Helen, her sister is the 3rd one standing from the left hand side.  

June 29, 1915, Tuesday

Ruth and I made 50 beds this a.m.  Had 165 dudes tonight.  Over 100 of them were from Iowa.  Mable Smith of Rockford (Illinois) was in the party.  Many of the crowd were teachers and all were so jolly.  They gave yells, etc.  Had a dandy program for them and then dancing, as usual.

June 30, 1915, Wednesday

This p.m. Mary, Vera, Helen, and I went down to hotel and went on top.   Took pictures of the lake and "Elephant Back".  Went through part of hotel and then visited the fish hatcheries.  Saw them separate the bad eggs from the good ones; also saw eggs that were just hatched.  We had 95 dudes tonight.  Had popcorn for the first time since we have been here.

This might be Elephant Back Mountiain in the background and Yellowstone Lake, but I really don't know.  I find it interesting that the man jumping off the tree was caught in mid action as photography tended to blur...  Marguerite is second from left, partially hidden.
Marguerite's 1915 Postcard, well preserved!  
My notes:

"HERE" is a thorough and fun read as to how the "Old Faithful Inn" was built.  I THINK this dining room was inside of the Inn I featured here.  If someone knows, differently, please let me know!

The photos I shared with this post are some scattered throughout the box I have and I posted them with the journal's daily posts, realizing they don't exactly correlate with her words.  Oh how I wish there had been a bit more writing on the backs of all the photos I have!

This post is a participant in "Sepia Saturday's, post #80".  Click to see other memorable nostalgic photography.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Photos of horses and the Vehicles they pulled at Yellowstone

1915 was nearing the end of the horse drawn carriages in Yellowstone.   A couple of years and they would be gone, replaced by automobiles.  Here are a few photos that feature horses and the various vehicles they pulled...  My grandmother, I believe, is to the left of the white horse.  I had NO idea she could ride!  I am participating in "Sepia Saturday" - please give yourself a treat and see what other photos and memories from the past are being highlighted today.

I like the above as the horse drawn vehicles were soon to be replaced by the automobile... which is "lurking" in the background, above right.    My grandmother is sitting on the far left.

I believe Marguerite is the second to the right.  Doesn't it look like LOADS of fun to trial ride these mountain trails!

This is one of my favorite photos.  

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A hike to Natural Bridge

June 27, 1915, Sunday

Got tent work done early and at 10 to 12 fourteen of us went to Natural Bridge, 4-1/2 miles away.  Mary B. Vera C., Elma J., Amy, Minnie M., Helen J., Helen H, Jerry R., Ruth L., Ethel W., Harson, Aerial, Frank T. and myself.  Ate our lunch on top of the mountain, took pictures up there and all along the way.  On way back caught a ride a little way with a driver from Trans. Co.  We had such a good time, enjoying every minute.  Our first hike.  113 dudes tonight.

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This is linked to "Sepia Saturday" #77, a blog where old images share their history.

My Notes:

I am copying word for word what is on this site "HERE":

After the 1916 season, all transportation companies were merged into a monopoly called the Yellowstone Park Transportation Co. under Harry W. Child.  In August of 1915, automobiles were first allowed into the Park.  That year and the following one was a time of transition with both modes of travel operating under strict guidelines.  The introduction of automobiles brought major changes to the entire way of doing business in the Park.  With shortened travel times now available, hotels were no longer needed at Fountain, Norris and West Thumb.  Many tent camps were also closed to eliminate duplication of services.  The quicker travel times and increased freight tonnage available with motorized trucks eliminated the need for the various dairy and slaughterhouse operations inside the Park.  Also, with the elimination of the "weed-burners", the parks' pastures would no longer be needed for intense grazing that had been necessary.  

In 1917 the stagecoaches and stock were sold out. 

"HERE" is a site that explains the "touring" cars first used in Yellowstone - in this site is a black and white photo (bottom of page) that shows a "stagecoach" which is identical to the horsedrawn stagecoach photo I posted above.

The photo in front of the bungalow has 13 people in it.  My grandmother listed 14 names that went on this hike.  I see two men in the group, so maybe the third man is taking the photograph.  I really think this is the group that hiked to Natural Bridge.   One of my very favorite photos is of the group of woman all laughing and my grandmother is sitting on the far left, laughing the hardest.  Looks like they are really having fun, but I can't imagine wearing all those clothes in the middle of summer!

Next week I plan on posting all the horse drawn touring coaches and "wagons" that I have since I mentioned that these would be gone by 1917.

"HERE" is a flicker video of Natural Bridge and if you cursor back and forth on "Zoyx's photostream" you will see other videos and nice photographs of the area as well.  If you continue to look, he has a video of a herd of buffalo.