Thursday, March 31, 2011

Livingston, MT & The Gardiner Entryway to Yellowstone 1915

June 14, 1915, Monday

Arrvied at Livingston, Montana at 5 o'clock.  Saw elk horn fence and snow capped mountains.  Arrived in Gardiner Montana at 10 o'clock.  Took dinner at Gardiner Hotel.

Left for Mammoth Hot Springs 12 o'clock (5 miles).  Arrived there and stayed two hours.  Saw Soldier's Fort and hospital and chapel, homes of soldier's officersTerracesHot SpringsDevil's ThumbLiberty Cap, started for Swan Lake.  On way saw Devil's SlideEagle (Nest) Rock,  Hoodoos (Basin), "Golden Gate", and Swan Lake.  Stayed there all night.

* * * * *

My Note:  HERE are 100 amazing photos of Yellowstone taken in 2003 by Charles M. Kozierok.  Granted, my b&w photos are almost 100 years old, but she saw the same magnificent colors - that hasn't changed. 

The entryway into Yellowstone is well captured in the above unique angle - I believe that is an ox or a cow in the foreground.  It is funny to see it just wandering around.  I like the stone foundation of the building on the left; I wonder if it is still there?  

I am not sure of the age of the postcard. I have vintage postcards that her sister, Bertha, sent to her when she visited the park in the 1920's.  (I will share these here someday, too.)  The back of the "Gardiner Gateway" postcard reads...  Gardiner Gateway to Yellowstone Park.  At Gardiner Gateway, the original entrance to Yellowstone, begins the incomparable "In Gardiner - Out Cody" tour of the Park.  The Northern Pacific Railway serves all principal gateways to Yellowstone, permitting the traveler to go in one entrance and leave by another - at no extra cost. (the bottom left corner has a circle with Northern Pacific written inside)

I will be adding photos the next couple of weeks that depict the sites she mentioned above.  The b&w photos I have are small and in pretty good shape.  But I have highlighted each with a link that shows what each looks like today.

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