Friday, May 13, 2011

Settling Tents and Feeding Bears

June 16, Wednesday

Settled tents.

June 17, Thursday

Settled tents.  From our tent, can see lake and snow capped mountain beyond.  One mountain is "Sleeping Giant".  One mountain is "The Witch".

This looks to me to be above the camp looking down upon the tents.  The mountains on the right look snow capped, but whether or not it is "Sleeping Giant", I do not know.
June 18, Friday

Settled more tents.   A very rainy afternoon.  122 dudes.  Ruth, woodchopper, milk boy and I went with a number of dudes over to hotel to see bears.  Saw three big bears and two cubs.

Had big campfire and musical program, then dancing after program.  There is always dancing after program until curfew at 10 o'clock.   Trunk came!

A postcard sent in 1926 from Marguerite to her two sons, Herbert & Arthur Beckington. 

* * * * *
My Notes:

The only "Witch" reference I could find was of a creek in Yellowstone.  I also linked an article about the earth's activity of Sleeping Giant and not a photo. 

The above postcard was sent in July, 1926 to my uncles (both recently passed away).  I believe she travelled to Yellowstone with my Grandfather, Ralph Beckington.  My mother was not born yet.  She wrote:

Dear Herbert & Arthur:  I wish you were with me.  We got into the park tonight.  We are staying in a cabin which has two beds.  Hope to see some bears tomorrow.  Yesterday we could touch snow on one side of the road and pick flowers on the other.  Mom

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am said...

This morning I'm here by way of Synch-ro-ni-zing. Enjoyed visiting all your blogs. My mother was born in 1916. I, too, have some photos from this era, and thoroughly enjoyed looking through yours.

Kind wishes,