Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fourth of July

Getting ready for the Fourth of July celebration

Sunday, July 4, 1915

A very quiet Fourth.  Slept most of afternoon.  A small crowd tonight.  114.  Went down to hotel after program for a walk.

I imagine this might have been a scene on the trail to the hotel...
Monday, July 5, 1915

Hurried thru with our work, went down to hotel to see boat races, etc.  Our boys entered with hotel boys and fish hatchery boys.  Went down in p.m. to see the races, etc.  104 dudes tonight.  Had a special program and it certainly was good, then dancing.

The Fourth of July bon fire
Tuesday, July 6, 1915

Had a large crowd tonight, 201 dudes.  Had our log cabin bon-fire as it was too rainy to have it last night.  Frank Turtillott took Ruth L. and me down to hotel store and we had a soda.

Perhaps a photo opp on the way to the hotel store for a soda?  Marguerite is on the left.
Wednesday, July 7, 1915

Rain nearly all day.  Slept most of p.m.  Helen and a driver went fishing.  Only 110 dudes to-night.  About 9:30 to-night we six girls (Vera, Mary, Elma, Ethel L., Helen, and I) and Torg, Jam, Win, Frank, and Starkey (driver) Mary's man (a wood sawer) came to our tent No. 8.  Had two flash lights and ate fudge and bread and jam.  Had lots of fun even if we did break curfew.

My Notes:

The above are journal entries of some simple and fun days at Yellowstone.  The original photographs are actually quite small and I have blown them up.  I wonder what kind of camera took these?  I googled 1915 cameras and the Kodak Vest Pocket Autographic Camera sold for between $6 - $10.  It was a small camera that could be carried in a vest pocket.   Another site that showcases cameras between 1909-1926 is HERE.  


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I LOVE these old photos and a glimpse into more innocent times. What a treasure to have them and you have presented them so beautifully here, so they live on.

I have some old family photos I posted last year too. I so love them. Astounding to think of those times, and how we have come from there.

ceevee said...

Absolutely fascinating. What a treasure to your family to have her actual words! And pictures of course.