Saturday, July 16, 2011

Texas & Wisconsin Visitors, the Thumb Geyser, & A Fire

One of Yellowstone's Geyser's ... possibly "The Thumb".  Taken 1915

Saturday, July 3, 1915

Had about 200 dudes last night.  150 were a Texas party being taken through by Rev. Young of Texas.  They were such a jolly bunch, gave yells, songs, etc.  There were so many pretty Southern girls and our boys surely made use of the short time they were here.  The Texas crowd stayed to lunch so we have had to work all day.  The second crowd from Beloit, WI came tonight.  They had their trip before arriving here.  Yesterday, Ethel, Vera, and Phill went by boat to the "Thumb" to help serve lunch to the Texas party.

I believe this is the inside of a tent my Grandmother shared
 Had an exciting time tonight.  Just as we began eating dinner, one of the lights in the office exploded and set the tent on fire.  Drivers and all came to the rescue and cut the tent through the middle saving half of it.  Win was certainly scared.  Ruth L.  had a raincoat burn up.

Holmes Ferris, Esther Kellogg, Phill Sprague & Dorothy Dinsmore - some of my Grandmother's friends from camp.
Ethel & Joe Gibson - my Grandmother's friend's from camp
Esther & Joe Gibson - close-up
My notes:

Sifting through the plethora of photos, I struggle with what photos go with her journal entries.  I have always loved the last photo - unusual to capture "in-the-moment" smiles like that back then.  I assume my grandmother might have knows a few of the Beloit WI "gang" that came to Yellowstone as it was close to Roscoe IL - where she spent much of her early years.


Pheromone Girl said...

I've read every entry here - phenomenal story and beautiful of you to share!

Margaret said...

Pheromone Girl - You are so sweet, thanks! I will be posting another one on Saturday. I have quite a few journal entries and photos left! :)