Saturday, June 11, 2011

Photos of horses and the Vehicles they pulled at Yellowstone

1915 was nearing the end of the horse drawn carriages in Yellowstone.   A couple of years and they would be gone, replaced by automobiles.  Here are a few photos that feature horses and the various vehicles they pulled...  My grandmother, I believe, is to the left of the white horse.  I had NO idea she could ride!  I am participating in "Sepia Saturday" - please give yourself a treat and see what other photos and memories from the past are being highlighted today.

I like the above as the horse drawn vehicles were soon to be replaced by the automobile... which is "lurking" in the background, above right.    My grandmother is sitting on the far left.

I believe Marguerite is the second to the right.  Doesn't it look like LOADS of fun to trial ride these mountain trails!

This is one of my favorite photos.  

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