Saturday, June 4, 2011

A hike to Natural Bridge

June 27, 1915, Sunday

Got tent work done early and at 10 to 12 fourteen of us went to Natural Bridge, 4-1/2 miles away.  Mary B. Vera C., Elma J., Amy, Minnie M., Helen J., Helen H, Jerry R., Ruth L., Ethel W., Harson, Aerial, Frank T. and myself.  Ate our lunch on top of the mountain, took pictures up there and all along the way.  On way back caught a ride a little way with a driver from Trans. Co.  We had such a good time, enjoying every minute.  Our first hike.  113 dudes tonight.

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This is linked to "Sepia Saturday" #77, a blog where old images share their history.

My Notes:

I am copying word for word what is on this site "HERE":

After the 1916 season, all transportation companies were merged into a monopoly called the Yellowstone Park Transportation Co. under Harry W. Child.  In August of 1915, automobiles were first allowed into the Park.  That year and the following one was a time of transition with both modes of travel operating under strict guidelines.  The introduction of automobiles brought major changes to the entire way of doing business in the Park.  With shortened travel times now available, hotels were no longer needed at Fountain, Norris and West Thumb.  Many tent camps were also closed to eliminate duplication of services.  The quicker travel times and increased freight tonnage available with motorized trucks eliminated the need for the various dairy and slaughterhouse operations inside the Park.  Also, with the elimination of the "weed-burners", the parks' pastures would no longer be needed for intense grazing that had been necessary.  

In 1917 the stagecoaches and stock were sold out. 

"HERE" is a site that explains the "touring" cars first used in Yellowstone - in this site is a black and white photo (bottom of page) that shows a "stagecoach" which is identical to the horsedrawn stagecoach photo I posted above.

The photo in front of the bungalow has 13 people in it.  My grandmother listed 14 names that went on this hike.  I see two men in the group, so maybe the third man is taking the photograph.  I really think this is the group that hiked to Natural Bridge.   One of my very favorite photos is of the group of woman all laughing and my grandmother is sitting on the far left, laughing the hardest.  Looks like they are really having fun, but I can't imagine wearing all those clothes in the middle of summer!

Next week I plan on posting all the horse drawn touring coaches and "wagons" that I have since I mentioned that these would be gone by 1917.

"HERE" is a flicker video of Natural Bridge and if you cursor back and forth on "Zoyx's photostream" you will see other videos and nice photographs of the area as well.  If you continue to look, he has a video of a herd of buffalo.

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